Patterns In between


    These are acrylic paintings (44″ x 28″) I painted in 1988. I was trying to be very in between.


    I  tried to make something that was a landscape and a still life, painting and photograph, that may or may not have a narrative, be flat and have depth, be of many parts and of a single whole. The unresolved tensions create an uncertainty that is like the moment of awareness. As we pass through thresholds we become aware of the differences and similarities of the two states.







    January 5, 2015
  • These are the colours for Spawning Salmon

    These are the colours I used to screen print  Spawning Salmon. They are a triad of brighter colours on a dulled yellow ground. Orange dominates this pattern. with blue and green accents. Triadic colour schemes use colours that are evenly spaced on the colour wheel. Vibrant colours can be used in harmony. This particular triad is a tertiary triad.

    “Spawning Salmon” screen print by Kent Crawford

    February 5, 2014