Vancouver Harbour Sketch

This is a 5″x 9″ sketch of the morning light on Vancouver harbor.
This is the start of a 33″x 44″ painting.

Vancouver Harbour progress 2

Vancouver Harbour progress 3

Vancouver Harbour , 2020 , Acrylic painting 33″x 44″, Price available on request

Seagulls Sketch

This is a 5″x 9″ sketch of seagulls

Seagulls sketch

This is the start of a 24″ x 44″ painting

Seagulls progress 1

Seagulls progress 2

Seagulls progress 3

Seagulls progress 4

Seagulls | 2020 | Acrylic on board 24″x 44″ | Price avalable upon request

Colomitas Sketch

This is a 6.5″ x 9″ sketch of Colomitas, Jalisco, Mexico

Colomitas Sketch

This is the start of a 28″x 39.5″ acrylic painting from that sketch.

Colomitas progess 1

Colomitas progress 2

Colomitas progress 3

Colomitas progress 4

Colomitas | 2020 | 39.5″ x 28″ Acrylic painting on board | Sold |

Ketchican Water Sketch

This is a 6″ x 9″ sketch of the water’s edge at Ketchican, Alaska

Ketchican sketch

This is the start of a 33″ x 44″ painting

Ketchican progess 1

Ketchican progress 2

Ketchican progress 3

Ketchican progress 4

Ketchican progress 5

Ketchican Water | 2020 | 33″ x 44″ acrylic on board painting | price available upon request

Burrard Inlet Sketch

The afternoon sun shines on Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet in this 9″x 6.75″ acrylic sketch.

Burrard Inlet sketch

The sketch helps me choose the colours of the final painting that are on this chart

This is the start of the 33″x44″ painting

Burrard Inlet progress 2

Burrard Inlet progress 3

Burrard Inlet progress 4

Burrard Inlet progress 5

Burrard Inlet progress 6

Burrard Inlet progress 7

Burrard Inlet progress 8

Burrard Inlet | 2019 |Acylic on board 44″x33″ | Price available upon request

I also painted Pacific Swell in 1987 from this same location on the Lion’s Gate Bridge