Mosquito Creek Sketch

This 9″ x 6.75″ acrylic sketch is of Mosquito Creek in North Vancouver.

Mosquito Creek sketch
Mosquito Creek colour chart

This is the start of a 28″ x 37.25″ acrylic painting.

Mosquito Creek progress 1
Mosquito Creek progress 2
Mosquito Creek | 2021 | Acrylic painting  37.5″ x 28″ | Sold 

Twin Falls Sketch

I have been hiking in the rivers and creeks of North Vancouver. These falls are in Lynn  Valley. This preliminary sketch is 9″ x 7.25″.

Twin Falls Sketch

Twin Falls progress 1

This is the beginning of a 35.75″ x 44″ acrylic on board painting.

Twin Falls progress 2

Twin Falls progress 3

Twin Falls 35.75″x 44″ Acrylic painting


Lynn Valley Sketch

This is a 9″ x 6.75″ sketch of the fir trees of Lower Lynn Valley in North Vancouver. This  stand is a planted monoculture, the trees are all of the same age and species and there is very little ground cover.

Lower Lynn Forest, 9″x 6.75″ Sketch

Lynn Valley colour chart

Lynn Valley progress 1

Lynn Valley progress 2

Lynn Valley progress 3

Lynn Valley progress 4

Lynn Valley Forest 33″ x 44″ acrylic on board painting | Sold

Capilano River Sketch

This is a 7.75″ x 9″ sketch of the Capilano River, West Vancouver.

Capilano River sketch

This is the start of a 28″ x 32.5″ painting.


Capilano River progress 1

Capilano River progress 2

Capilano River progress 3

Capilano River progress 4

Capilano River progress 5

Capilano River progress 6

Capilano River | 2020 | Acrylic on board 26.5″ x 28″ | Price available upon request