Patterns in changing light

Okaka Sunrise

This is a painting that combines two moments that were 15 minutes apart.  I climbed Humpridge over Te Waewae Bay to Okaka Lodge and waited for sunrise. We are looking south from the southern most part of the South Island of New Zealand towards the Antarctic.

Sketch becomes painting

Sketching helps me think about basic shapes and colours.

Lake Marian sketch

These are the colours of the sketch. The colours of the backround are on the top of the chart. The colours of the foreground are on the bottom.

This is the start of the full size painting.

This is the completed painting Lake Marian.

These are the colours of the finished painting. The colours of the background hills are on the top of the chart. The colours of the foreground water are on the bottom.

Sketches, Lighthouse Park


Juniper Point Jumpers sketch

I did these two sketches of the arbutus in Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver.  They helped me paint “Arbutus”.


Arbutus sketch


Arbutus | 2011 | Acrylic on board, 44″ x 28″ |  Sold

Patterns in colour, triads

These are the colours for Spawning Salmon

These are the colours I used to screen print  Spawning Salmon. They are a triad of brighter colours on a dulled yellow ground. Orange dominates this pattern. with blue and green accents. Triadic colour schemes use colours that are evenly spaced on the colour wheel. Vibrant colours can be used in harmony. This particular triad is a tertiary triad.

“Spawning Salmon” screen print by Kent Crawford