Patterns Repeating

There is a repeating pattern that forms along the edges and intersections of colors and shapes and lines called a reflectaphor. Parts of that pattern combine with other similar but different parts to make a bigger similar pattern. It recurs in variations, providing a sense of unity and wholeness. Hokusai uses this pattern in the woodcut Waterfall at Yoshitsune.

West Lake 2 by Kent Crawford

I use this repeating pattern in the painting West Lake 2.

Patterns Reversed

Port Side Fog, Alaska by Kent Crawford

First there was a mountain, then no mountain, then there was. The figure and ground reverse. I am constantly looking for patterns. Do they find me? This reminds me of Le Bateau

In 2012 I went to Alaska on a boat trip. I found the paintings of Sydney Lawrence in Juneau. Here is his painting, Early Morning, Juneau (c.1920).

Early Morning, Juneau, by Sydney Lawrence