Taylor’s Mistake Sketch

Taylor’s mistake sketch

This is a 6″ x 6″ sketch of Taylor’s Mistake in New Zealand.

Taylor’s Mistake | 2018 | Acrylic on board, 33″ x 33″ | Price available upon request |

This is the full sized painting.

Sumner Wave Sketch

Sumner Wave 6.75″ x 9″ acrylic on board sketch

This is a sketch of a wave at Sumner New Zealand 

Sumner Wave | 2018 | Acrylic on board, 33″x 44″ | price available on request

This is the full size painting.

Maple Sketch

Maple, 8″x 8.75″ acrylic on board sketch of a maple tree in Vanier Park, Vancouver















Maple , 24.5 x 28″ acrylic on board painting