Urban Beaver

       I live in Vancouver near the Olympic Village, 7 blocks from the salt water of False Creek and a man made fresh water course in Hinge Park.  I have been watching beavers there for a couple of years. There are dens at Hinge Park, Stanley Park and Vanier Park in Vancouver.  The closeness of the West End condo towers suggests the absurdity of beavers living in Vancouver’s down-town.

A den is a peaked pile of logs and mud in a conical or lean-to shape. It is easy to miss if you have never seen a den. In May the beavers have their babies and stay inside the den for a month. The babies will leave the den in June.

The Kitsalano beaver den is conical shaped

Swimming beaver

Kitsalano beaver

Beaver den Lost Lagoon

The beaver den in Hinge Park is a lean-to against a hillside


Beaver den at Beaver Lake, Stanley Park

Culvert blocked by beaver and their den in Stanley Park






Lake Harris Sketch

Lake Harris is on the Routeburn Track.

Lake Harris | 2019 | 6.75″x 9″ acrylic sketch

Lake Harris | 2019 | 32.5″ x 44″ Acrylic painting | Price available upon request





Routeburn Pools Sketch

These waterfalls and pools are on the Routeburn Track in New Zealand.

This is a 5.7″x 9″ acrylic sketch

5.7′ x 9″ acrylic sketch



This is the 32.5″ x 44″ acrylic painting that came from that sketch

Routeburn Pools| 2019 | 44″x 32.5″, acrylic on board painting| price available on request