Eagle Blind Sketch

This is a 5.7″ x 9″ acrylic sketch of a blind I have in Stanley Park to watch birds. I watch from beneath the forest canopy up at pair of eagle that roost in a standing dead fir tree.

Eagle Blind Sketch | Acrylic on Board 5.7″x9″

The colours of the sketch are on this chart.

Eagle Blind colour chart

 I Looked at the colours in Arthur Lismer’s painting BC Forest while I was choosing colours for the painting. It brings back childhood memories of the bush at Long Beach. I met Mr. Lismer at Long Beach in 1967 at my father’s Wickanninish Inn. He Always prefered to stay and paint in one of the cabins that still remained from Joe Webb’s Wickaninish Lodge. 

BC Forest- Arthur Lismer

Eagle Blind progress 1

Eagle Blind progress 2

Eagle Blind progress 3

Eagle Blind progress 4

Eagle Blind | 2021 | 39.5″x 28″ Acrylic on board | Price available upon request