Patterns Repeating

  • There is a repeating pattern that forms along the edges and intersections of colors and shapes and lines that is a reflectaphor. 

    A reflectaphor is any creative device (including literature, such as metaphor, simile, pun, paradox or synecdoche) that relies for its effect on creating in the mind of its audience an unresolved tension between the differences and similarities of its terms. In other words, a reflectaphor excites a state of intense wondering, doubt and uncertainty- a sense of nuance.  The repeated colour shapes in my brush marks pull out the reflectaphoric qualities of fractals. Fractals are figures that recur at progressively smaller scales, each part has the same characteristics as the whole. Fractals suggest both order and chaos.

    Parts of that pattern combine with other similar but different parts to make a bigger similar pattern. It recurs in variations, providing a sense of unity and wholeness. Hokusai uses this pattern in the woodcut Waterfall at Yoshitsune.

    West Lake 2 by Kent Crawford

    I use this repeating pattern in the painting West Lake 2.

    January 19, 2014
  • Port Side Fog, Alaska by Kent Crawford

    First there was a mountain, then no mountain, then there was. The figure and ground reverse. I am constantly looking for patterns. Do they find me? This reminds me of Le Bateau

    In 2012 I went to Alaska on a boat trip. I found the paintings of Sydney Lawrence in Juneau. Here is his painting, Early Morning, Juneau (c.1920).

    Early Morning, Juneau, by Sydney Lawrence

    January 17, 2014

    My Kootenay Lake paintings are geotagged on a Flikr map

    January 13, 2014
  • My Vancouver Island paintings are geotagged on a Flkr map

    January 8, 2014
  • These paintings all come out of one trip to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico in the late 1990s. Here they are on a Flickr map.

    December 29, 2013